The One Way To Loving.

Truly, there is only one way.
The only way is to speak Thy heart and feelings.

They could be flames, or caresses, they could irritate or sooth. But it is heartbeats, it is your heartbeats offered and plainly, openly and lovingly given. Only if you do it and you do not keep from doing it, you truly love. When she accepts them, all of them, You are truly loved, because you are loved for what you are, in good and bad.

No, we do not have to love because of what we “get in return”, but yes, we have to love sincerely and not holding. That is our responsibility. When we say we love, that means also to do it by sharing also our needs, our difficult and easy things, whenever they exist. If we do not share them, we do not truly love. In the same way, if we will be blessed with receiving the ones of the beloved, we must cherish them, and speak back our heart, or we will not truly love.


All Of Yourself

When You wish to do something,
when you get yourself into anything,
then do it at Your best
not one bit less than Your best,
not pretending from yourself anything less than the best of You,
the very best of You.

Only like this You can hope to smile proudly at Your achievements
Once you have done this, then repeat it for every thing You do.
Make it Your routine, Your goal, Your way of approaching anything.
Put all the love You are capable of, into Your every little thing.

Happiness will be the reward.
Accomplishment, confidence, growth, beauty, completeness,
heartbeats, memories of Your every effort and hurdle You had to overcome,
they will be Your reward and Your garden.

Surround Yourself with gardens,
give Your best, Your very best, in every little thing.

The Dance

And so, night after night
their eyes, their legs, their souls
were used to meet,
battling and yet hungry for each other.

Each night
almost like a fight,
they danced
their primal

This is what they were: a “dance”.

Enriched by this bonding dance,
the morning after
they’d get back
to their wonderful lives.
To eventually meet again.

drawing in the air
moments of bliss and joy,
burst of rage and sudden light.

It was raw energy,
empowering them
and the ones around them

Again and again,
Again and again,
Till exhaustion would stop them

It was their “magical chord ”

Their eyes and their smiles
their bodies and their lives
renewed and strengthened
every time they fought their dance.

after day

after night

after time

April 16th – Diary

What will the night bring?
Drops of April rain leave their trail on the window in front of me as I do write my lines. Many thoughts populate my mind. I leave them there for now and turn to watching again at the droplets following their fate down the glass.
Twisty trails.
More rain hit the glass, more water landing, sliding, hesitating, stopping and there accumulating, pushed by the crowd of droplets following the opened trail. The run can now continue. They hurry now, till the next stop, then all over again, like a metaphor of life, a perfect metaphor of our frantic life, made of runs and stops.

In every little drop lies an entire universe.

After all,
maybe we are nothing more than drops,
and someone is watching us sliding down a glass.

On Love and Power Exchange

Love always involves a level of power exchange, there is always power exchange, even when there is “unconditional love” (whether one believes in such a love or not).
In that case love is totally offered and given, without expectations, but what is given, in a sense is also a gift of power, besides all the rest that’s shared.

Truth is that now, having my love, my beloved holds power, She does hold immense power over me.
She holds it and in Her having it am free, free to hand it to Her and feel safe. In Her having this, I am also empowered, yes, giving up control and handing it I feel empowered and I feel i give “The” gift. I give something of incomparable value, something holy and impalpable, strong, vital and pulsing.

To my Love i say: “Yes, You do”.

You hold the power to have me sleepless or have me resting well, or the power to have me smile, or restless, worried, craving, and more. I am aware of this, I bow to this, as much as I know it.
One word from Her and I will spend the night in restlessness, it can happen, yes. One word from Her, a caress to my spirit, and She soothes it all.
The reassuring caress on my cheek and one word, or She stretching and posing a kiss, with that whisper, that one, and Her girl, me, will sleep better. Every day, every moment, She can choose. Every moment, after all, She does choose what my day will be, in a sense. It is totalising.
Every moment She has the keys to that and more, every day and night She does decide, can decide. No matter of the clouds, the suns, the sadness or the tiredness, She has it. And I need, wish, need, wish Her to be completely aware of it. Power, yes, it is not taking out the romance, to say things with their name, She has it and it grandiose.

She holds the power of having me without appetite, or having me able to attack life with rejuvenated energy. She has the power of doing that and feeling herself like a Goddess in doing it, in having this at Her fingertips. She has the power of doing it and have the power of having me in bliss, and it is heaven when i feel the awareness of it in Her. She might rub Her hands together and think about it, and she would feel the fluid of this energy, if She wishes, or ignore it. She could do it now, or in one minute, or tomorrow, or never.
She has this since my “Yes” and I have Her aware of it and making Her feel feel blessed of it. It is more than two years that She has it, and I have it, and it is bliss.
Power Exchange, yes, it is.
She: aware of this fluid, of controlling the emotions of Her loving beloved one. She has the power of moving the head on the other side, when i stare at Her, and She knows the effect of that simple gesture. She knows that something so simple will cause nothing to anyone else, but it can wreck and hit, harder than any slap, on me.

She may just hint at doing it, sometimes, to feel it, to make me aware. She can even do this, yes. Sometimes if She wishes, She may feel on her fingertips, or on Her heart, the stings this can give and will give to me, to taste a drop of my blood, of my love, to then cuddle me. It is like passing thorns of a rose on the delicate skin, and knowing it can tear it.
She knows it, i know it, and we don’t want it.

This dance, it is love, the epitome of love, it is love bared to the essence, the essence or pain and bliss.

Decadent? Maybe.
Dark? Maybe.
Luminously blinding? Yes.

She has the scandalous power of telling me to bend and kneel, in whatever living room or whatever hotel or public place. She knows I’d do it, with not a word from me, I’d do it.
She has my dignity at Her fingertips and and decency and it was proven. She has the power of snapping the fingers to have it done if She wishes, or to do it with a simple nod, and She would see me dancing at the pace of the wiggling of the magic wand of our bond. She might do those things, like spanking me, and hearing me pant, while my heart explode off my chest inside whatever elegant robe I would be wearing.

Actually all of this is in the end endlessly more romantic and filled with love than dozens and dozens of dull roses.
She has the power of “feeling this power”, built day by day.
She has the power of, paradoxically, feeling me empowered as well, in all this.
She has the power of making me feel like a little damn Queen wanting Her feeling blessed like a Goddess.

She, me, the bond that we have.

No Loans

When “we” turns into Oneness
that is not a loan,
a part of you will live inside Her
a part of Her will live inside you.

When “we” turns into Oneness
it is “I feel You”
part of your heart will pulse into Her
part of Her heart will pulse into you.

There’s no escaping and no denying.
From that moment on, inevitably.


A Tea ceremony table
beneath the foliage of a willow tree,
our bodies covered in white linen.

Rice paper sheets,
words lively dancing over them 
read through stares and giggly laughters.

Your eyes caress my face,
my voice chants your smile,
butterflies floating in the breeze.

Eternal Search

To paint the world
To melt with it
To become a richer palette
To feel our every cell 
To give meaning to our breaths
To live every leaf around us

To be aware of the within and the outside

To experience it all
Till there is no border
Till we flow
Till there is no distinction
Between what we are
And what exists

Our Bond

Inside our bond all has a place
Inside our bond stillness comes
Inside our bond we are balanced
Inside our bond all pieces connect
Inside our bond partnership blooms
Inside our bond vulnerability is strength
Inside our bond empowering is mutual
Inside our bond distinctions melts
Inside our bond we live
Inside our bond
Two is One

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