No Bad In Having Dreams

There is no bad in dreaming.

No, it does not mean to be disconnected from reality.
It means to be able to curl into a special place and dip our feet into a calming sea.

It means taking a swim, to then get out of the water and feel refreshed, beautiful, energised.
It means to come out of the water and have a smile that is blessing us, and the ones around us. It does not mean not to be ok with ourselves.

It might mean the opposite, to be perfectly ok with ourselves, strong of what we like and appreciating life as it is.

There is no bad in dreaming.
There is no shame in dreaming, and eventually even be so daring as to share it, with a laughter and the heart being happy.

Draft for the Chapter to come

-Come- said the voice

Please no- she said

Come, you must-

She followed. Their wore shiny heavy armors. It seemed such a stupid thing, to her. There was no danger, no war, the castle was safe, the place was silent, still their huge bodies were wrapped in shiny heavy armors. Their steps echoed in the air, not a word from their mouths through all the corridors. In between them she looked like a shiny little nightingale glimmering silvery reflecions.

They reached the Arena. They stopped by the columns, they just stopped there, like golden statues. The morning sun was breaking through the structure, oblique rays making the sandy dust to shine. Once they reached their place she descended few steps, she sat down, posed her hands on her sides, rose her face and inhaled.

The black cats rubbed on her side. She could feel thair words, she felt the spirit awakening, the priestess, the dragon, her lineage. She could feel someone else, a presence. Someone like her, but different. Someone thirsty for her blood. She could sense rage, a female force, directed at her ..

Just an entry. Just a personal reflection

We all happen needing a shoulder, a hug, a loving word, sometimes.

Sometimes we do. Sometimes we force ourselves to hide it, to say we deal with everything, and need nothing, because everything we need is in us. True: it is so, and false too.
True, we can manage, we will, we won’t die if we don’t get it. not big deal. Or so we say to us. False, we do need it, we might use a word, a hug, that kindness that we are ready and willing to give to those that we love, and we deserve and hope to receive, sometimes, when a word can help us.

We all do, from A to Z, we all do.
We can do without, but we all do.

That’s something we should remember, so we can give it, and never be stingy of them. So we can deliver, because in the end, it helps not just the receiver, but also the giver.

Happy 31st August, 


I believe in perfection.
In perfection not being a thornless rose.
In perfection as something that is personal, different for any of us.
I believe in perfectless perfection.
I believe in wrinkles and struggles, refining the aperfect perfection.
I believe in the perfection of walking a path in which we believe,
in perfection taking a road that’s not always the straight one.

I believe perfection is overrated, but dedication is not.
I believe perfection kills the mind while passion ignites.

I believe the rain, wind storms and time
might smear the “perfect” letters we write,
but it in the end,
they will only turn them into a masterpiece.

Something unique.
Something unrepeatable
Something perfect, as it was meant to be.

Chasing Her Dream

About Little Miss Chasing Her Dream

It takes soul
It takes heart
It takes a dream
it takes to recognize what the dream truly is.

They say “it’s only a dream, don’t go for that, keep your feet on the ground”.
Oh that is a mistake, that it wRrrrong with the Rolling Rrr. Let me say what I think “that is RawRing wrRong! Chasing it, that is what we really should do. To pursue the dream.

Oh little Miss, what are You saying Little Miss?” the gentlemen could say, the friends might ask.
A dream, little Miss? With the due respect you do not know what you are saying, little Miss”

Pffft, no, no, no. They don’t know. A dream, “THE dream”, is something that needs spotted, it needs being found, it needs being understood, felt. The “true dream” is not the casual visiting dream. The true dream is the one for which you would give up any other dream. The true dream is the one answering to those questions like
How much would you be able to risk?
What would you give up to attain it?
How much of it is in you? Has always in you,?
How much do you feel it will complete you?

So, then, if the dream is THAT dream, does it still make sense to ask if it is something that we should pursue? Isn’t it the other way round? Isn’t it rather nonsense to pretend we will not follow it (knowing a part of us will ALWAYS and FOREVER seek for it).

Not to pursue that would be the nonsense. Because it would mean we would anyway run after it, in a chase that will be with no joy and no awareness, and destined to fail. It would be a chase without riding the joy horse. Without having the wind blowing on us. The problem is not if we should go for our dreams or not, the problem is to know what they are, how worthy of our efforts they are. Chasing THAT dream is never a lost battle, because already riding its waves means holding the bridles of realization

Now Kiss Me

<< Now Kiss me my Kitty >>

<< You too, now Kiss me, own me, Owner oy Heart.

<< I said, now Kiss me my Kitty. Yes … now Kiss me. Suck my tongue, Kitty. Let me feel how much you desire me, suck it as much as you want it. Try to tear it out of me. I allow it, let me me see how much of a needy slut you become when you think about me, let me feel what romantic really means.
Yes my love, please, yes. you know it, devour me with Your desire. You know I want that, and I know You want to feel it. It is our food. You want to tear me apart and see my desire to take you, and I want to be ripped by this desire.>>

<< Owner of the whole of me. Love that I crave, You know I crave to be hanging on Your wall, while You live, while You work, while You smile, while You have teas. I need to love, I need to give love and feel it, You know it. So work, be there, while I am desiring you like hell. Dripping desire. Dripping desire and knowing that You feed on that, as much as I do feed on burning for You and going insane out of it.
Sucking your tongue, yes. But i would suck the whole of you. Bite the whole of you. Part the petals of Your nether lips with my kisses. Feel them opening under my lips, Suckle the protruding button of desire that will grow, tasting its tip on my lips. Drugged of our love while You’d wrap me, your legs around my head, locking me into You. And no breathing should exist, if not inhaling, YOU, inhaling US, Kiss YOU, because You live in me, because You are living in me.
The moment You said I am the important one for You, everything changed. The moment You said I am the One for You, everything changed.
In my mind, in my heart, I felt I could be bold, as bold as to love You, as bold as to let myself go.
Bold to be Your happiness, bold to live my life but knowing I wanted it to be Yours. Bold enough not to control myself into wanting us bound. Into everybody seeing that I am Your beast and Your shining star. Your girl and Your slut. Your wife and and Your friend.

Yes, I kiss You and fill you with my soul as I do it.
Kitty’s desire is immensely wild. You are its target and the Master of it, my love. I love your tongue to suck, your saliva drip in my mouth and me having it as my meal. I love to be the meal of your dreams, your desires, you perversions, to be Your priestess and virgin.
In one word: and YOURS

In my Life

In my Life I Love.
In my Life I work.
In my Life I study.
In my Life I listen.

In my Life, I don’t follow money, because through my life, I found out that’s not something making me happier, or giving me something. So I get what I need, for a decent, good, living, and that is perfect with me.

In my Life I try to do the things that fill me the most. I discovered that in doing so I not only realise myself, but I am also creating more happiness around me.

In my life there are things/activities that touches me, pull me, cradle me, connects me to things which are totally disconnected with those activities and still they trigger something. They are many, and many more I hope to find, but I try being dedicated and not scattered.

In my life there are choices, one cannot follow every interesting thing, my very personal belief is that through dedication we grow, through focus. It is a sort of self discipline, and it needs our attention.

In my Life, I love living.
Maybe I am getting older, but now there are times I shiver and I have goosebumps at the thought of what a big thing “life” and “love” are.

In my Life I dream.
I dream of things to achieve, feet on the ground about what is possible and what not but I do dream. We need that, I need that. I’d be much less if I didn’t dream and I would be vacuum if I had no goals.

In my life I learn.
i learn about myself, and possibly I wish to be able to learn from others, and I try to be open to that. There is no day in which I do not learn, so I pray to always stay humble enough to know that there is always more, there is always more and it is worth learning from everything.

Yes, maybe I am getting older, but I enjoy my every wrinkle

Love Always ❤

Love is No Color

Love is All Colors

Love has no color.
That is so, for a simple reason, because it has ALL the colors. It does not have all the colors summing up so to lose their essence and becoming something else, becoming “white”.
White is the sum of all colors, white is for angels, not for us.

Love is more.
Love is ALL colors because it has also dark ones, and the most luminous ones, it has all possible hues. They are each preserved, each one has a reason to be, every season of it. Love is all colors because they are not to be blurred, erased. Each one exists, with its features, and live together with the others, having its reason to be, in beauty.

That is what I think, at least

Love, always ♡

There is no extrovert like introverts.
When we part our lips to say a word,
it actually contains a world.
Then, eventually, we explode.

Like This

There is a special moment,
when i do miss You.
It is when i stop doing something
playing the piano,
talking to someone,
working on a project
doing something.

It is as if you were there,
beyond the temporary focus
of my concentration.
Every time this shift happens
i turn around,
i look for you
to tell you about me
to know about you
to feel you near
to give you nearness
to share my life
to gift you my day
to greet Yours.

More and more
You are the start of my any wish
my shelter
the daily medicine
I do ingest
to heal the mind vibrations
and sometimes
To heal my solitary soul

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